When we shop for extra-virgin olive oil, we generally do not bother with where to store it at home, it would seem such a trivial issue. Quite the
A mill that bottles or cans its oil carefully follows strict procedures to ensure its product maintains its organoleptic characteristics and perfumes
exactly as the day it was processes. This is why bottles or cans are also sealed.

Mistakes to be avoided

Our dear friend, the EVO olive oil does not particularly enjoy sunlight or heat. When heated, it loses most – if not all – of its essential
characteristics, such as smell or taste. It loses it vitality! Indeed, over time, oil is due to oxidise, entailing a progressive rancidity of the product.
Hence, we recommend you do not store your EVO oil in the brightest or hottest places of your kitchen.
The ideal storage temperature is between 14°C and 16°C.
We also recommend not to transfer EVO oil from cans to plastic bottles, since not only it is unhygienic, but the oleic acid – naturally contained in
olive oil – may erode the plastic, which is not healthy.
Last but not least, do remember to twist back the cap of the bottle or can, so that your EVO oil does not absorb any of the smells of the
surrounding environment.


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