EVO Oil is widely recognised as having multiple features, hence many are the benefits that can be drawn from this product.
Cold extracted olive oil maintains its organoleptic characteristics, as well as its health and antioxidant properties unaltered, among which: phenolic compound, chlorophyll, vitamin E, phytosterols – which perform a reparatory and anti-inflammation action, and squalene, one of the main components of skin external layer.
Due to its pleasant scent, olive oil is the main ingredient of a natural and simultaneously moisturising, soothing and protective cosmetic line.

Practical Advice

EVO oil-based creams are a “cure-all” for those people affected by dry skin with a tendency to reddening or cracking, thanks to their soothing properties. We also recommend using olive oil based cosmetics to take care of your lips, hands, and above all (this may be of interest to new mums) EVO Olive Oil can be used on newborns skin and during pregnancy.

When to Apply Face Creams

EVO Oil face cream is undoubtedly best applied in the morning, before applying make-up or in the evening after cleansing your face to enjoy a newly fresh and smooth skin. Even the EVO Oil Cocoa Butter is incredibly practical! In summer it protects our lips from the sunrays, whereas in winter it protects from the cold. You can apply it as many times as you like, since it does not contain any chemical substance which might aggress our lips.

How to Store EVO Oil based Cosmetics

One of the many beauties of EVO oil-based cosmetics is that they do not need any special attention for storage. We can keep them in our handbag, in the bathroom, in our bedroom, in the office… literally anywhere! Just remember not to place them in direct contact with a heat source.
What else to say? As you have noticed the benefits of EVO oil-based cosmetics are really numerous. You can find them at the best mills or herbalists shops and their prices are affordable for anyone.


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