How to Become an EVO Oil Taster

Sommelier, taster, oleologist are just a few of the new terms entering our dictionary, when we talk about this emerging profession on our territory.
However, not anyone can be an EVO Oil Taster: only few people are able to recognise the characteristics and the quality of extra-virgin olive oils.
This article illustrates what is required to become an EVO Oil Taster.

First Steps to become an EVO Oil Taster

What does it take to become an EVO Oil Taster?
Undoubtedly sensory skills and a huge amount of patience are the first and foremost competences of a gifted Oil Taster.
This is an incredibly interesting profession, but one which demands – particularly during the preparation – a meticulous attention.

EVO Oil Tasting: the procedure

Take a small glass – you may even use a small plastic coffee cup – and pour no more than 15 ml of oil.
It is important the oil reaches the right temperature, that is about 28° C. An easy method is to cup the glass in your hand and swirl it with several times, not too fast but with decisive movements.

EVO Oil Tasting: qualities and defects to be detected

If you wish to call yourself a good taster, you have to be able to evaluate the organoleptic characteristics of an EVO Oil and detect its strengths and weaknesses.
If the oil is fruity, spicy, green, slightly bitter and has a  herbaceous scent then you can appropriately say you are tasting a high quality Olive Oil!
However, our sensory skills do not merely detect the qualities of an olive oil, but also – actually defects are even easier to spot – its defects. If an oil tastes sour (or winey), heated, rancid or wooded, then you can easily say it is not a good oil for consumption.

The Right moment to Taste an Olive Oil

Is there a recommended time of the day to taste olive oil?
The right time for olive oil tasting is absolutely during the morning. This is because, during the day and especially before meals, our olfactory-gustatory sensibility increases, and we may get an altered perception of the EVO Oil to be tasted.

Useful Tips for Olive Oil Tasting

Are you a smoker?
If yes, I do recommend you refrain from smoking at least for an hour before tasting time. This is because smoking interferes with your taste buds.
Moreover, if you love perfumes, lipsticks, and cosmetic product in general, do remember not to use any before a tasting, since they may alter your olfactory sensibility.
What are you waiting for?
Try tasting an extra-virgin olive oil and let me know how your experience goes!


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