Discovering the hills of Umbria
Umbria, called “the green heart of Italy,” has always been a land of centuries-old olive groves and offers a varied and unspoiled landscape.
One of the symbols that distinguish this small region is – among others – Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

EVO Oil, an oil of the highest quality, is the result of a long process that begins first and foremost with taking care of one’s olive trees.
In Umbria, the quality of the oil is one of the highest among the regions of our country: in fact, there are numerous mills that have achieved the DOP (Protected Designation of Origin), a symbol that has always been a guarantee of quality!

The varieties of olive trees in Umbria: Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino
There are three varieties present in the territory of Umbria: the Frantoio, the Moraiolo and the Leccino.

The Frantoio
The Frantoio is a plant with an enlarged, moderately dense, medium-sized crown, whose fruiting branches are thin and long with a rising top, while the main branches are gnarled.

It is characterized by its resistance to climatic changes and different soils; from its fruit, oil is obtained that has a very green color with some slight yellowish tinge.

It has a long inflorescence, characterized by medium-sized and numerous flowers.

In the national territory, from north to south, it is one of the most evenly spread oil crops.

The ideal time for harvesting is around mid-November.

The Moraiolo is a well-known variety of olive tree due to the fact that, although it prefers hilly terrain, it also adapts very well to rocky terrain (typical – among other things – of our area) and is not affected by either drought or wind.

The foliage is averagely thick with little volume, from branches with short, twisted fruits.

The fruit is not very large but hides a gritty flavor inside. The color is a deep green with warm golden yellow highlights.

It is widely spread throughout the country, particularly in central Italy.

The Rinalducci Oil Mill stands out among the various mills in Umbria for having created the Monocultivar Moraiolo DOP Umbria – Colli Martani, an oil with a strong and enveloping taste that is perceived bitter and spicy by the customer, but always in the right doses!

The Leccino
The Leccino, also called “Leccio”, is an olive cultivar that can reach large sizes; it is characterized by a thick foliage and long green leaves, so much so that the plant is very pleasing to the eye.

Its fruit has a flavor that is not too aromatic, which we could define as quite neutral; the color, unlike the other cultivars we have discussed in the previous paragraphs, is golden yellow with greenish hues.

It has a strong resistance to environmental adversity and a remarkable ability to adapt to various soils.

It is widespread throughout Italy.

The olive trees of Umbria: the Rinalducci Oil Mill.
The Rinalducci Oil Mill, located in the green Umbrian hills of Gualdo Cattaneo, has always taken care of its olive groves at all times of the year, guaranteeing the quality that every customer deserves to have and paying special attention to carrying out sustainable and waste-free cultivation.


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