Are you an EVO Oil expert?

The word “EVO” is the acronym of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, but most of you already knew it!

What is the difference between EVO Oil and Olive Oil?

Often, the difference between EVO Oil and Olive oil is not as clear. Let me briefly explain. EVO Olive Oil and Olive are both extracted from the fruit of the Olive Tree, also known as Olea europaea.
However, they are not the same. EVO Oil is a more natural and healthier product, tasting very much like the olives themselves. Indeed, it a real “fruit juice” obtained by means of mechanical processes – even better if cold pressed, that is at an extraction temperature below 27°C -, whereas Virgin Olive Oil is not pure, being mixed with refined oils. Do not be fooled by the word “refined”, because in this case it is not a synonym with quality!

Why Should You use EVO Oil?

Would you believe me if I told you that you can use EVO oil with practically any food? A drizzle of this high quality oil adds a special flavour, even a simple salad can become a tasty dish if well- seasoned!

Health Benefits

Extra-virgin Olive Oil contains 99,9 % of lipids, vitamin E and vitamin K, potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, and zinc. Lipids, which are the main constituents of olive oil, are composed of triglycerides, hence fatty acids. A regular use of EVO oil helps lower cholesterol levels, prevent strokes, decreases the risk of heart attacks by 30%, as well as decrease blood pressure and prevent diabetes. It is even regarded as an anti-cancer product. Moreover, you can boost your entire well-
being by using EVO cosmetic products for your daily beauty routine.

Why is EVO Oil Healthy?

The nutritional characteristics of extra-virgin olive oil are the main reasons for its consumption. High quality EVO oil is more than food, it is a natural source of powerful antioxidants, protecting cellular membranes from skin aging processes. Let’s not forget, you can use EVO oil as a substitute for butter in cakes, such as pies, doughnuts, etc…

Buy with Confidence

I warmly recommend you to always purchase high quality EVO oil. I would like to remind you that this simple food is fundamental for a healthy diet, your general well-being, and tastier dishes. You can find it basically anywhere, from the small village groceries to the large town supermarkets. You can even shop online, since most renowned mills offer e-commerce services. My advice is to visit a mill, ask to have the entire working process – from olive picking methods to bottling or canning – and buy your EVO oil with confident knowledge.


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