The DOP Mark

We often see it as a trademark in typical products of various kinds. What does DOP mean? PDO stands for “Protected Designation of Origin” and is the best known and most widely used acronym when it comes to typical products, guaranteed by the European Union, which for more than 20 years has been granting protection to products whose quality characteristics are linked to a specific territory and its traditions.

How to obtain the DOP Mark

In order to obtain the PDO mark, it is necessary that the stages of production, processing and elaboration take place in the indicated geographical area and according to the rules dictated by a strict specification. Obviously, compliance with the rules is guaranteed by a specific control body.

Traceability of DOP products

DOP-labeled products can be traced back to their origin, guaranteeing their provenance to consumers who want to know the entire history of the product.

Curiosities about DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Umbria.

Green Umbria has five subzones of production:

  • Colli Martani, to which Frantoio Rinalducci’s DOP extra virgin olive oil belongs
  • Colli Orvietani
  • Colli del Trasimeno
  • Colli Assisi- Spoleto
  • Colli Amerini


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