Rich Blue Deruta

In an elegant single package, a new bottle idea designed and entirely handcrafted by Deruta artisans, with our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Rinalducci Oil is produced from green and black olives, processed in the middle period of the season of the harvest, cold extracted, smooth and balanced taste, with hints of fresh olive.

The olives are harvested and processed within 24-48 hours. They are first defoliated and washed, then they are double crushed – the first crusher is with discs and the other with knives. Without undergoing oxygenation changes, they are passed into the kneaders to be worked for about 35 minutes at controlled temperature. No water is added, in fact we work with a two-phase cold extraction system.

In this way, we have an excellent quality of olive oil, rich in nutritional values and vitamins necessary for a healthy diet.


500 ml


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