Evo Olive Oil GRAN CRU




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Evo Olive Oil GRAN CRU


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The EVO Gran Cru oil is a product obtained from Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino olives, from an olive grove located in Colle Brugnone di Ceralto (Gualdo Cattaneo). The bottles are in limited and numbered quantities.

Standard size: L 0,50

Prodotto correlato

  • Delicate Evo Olive Oil


    The delicate EVO oil is a high quality product obtained from ripe olives, has incomparable properties: very low acidity, slightly fruity taste, excellent for raw dressing, salads and fish dishes.

    Formato standard: L 0,75

  • Truffle Cream


    Suitable for appetizers, bruschetta.

    Standard size: 80 grams



    Soft day cream containing Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olive Leaf extract, typical ingredients of the Mediterranean environment that contain within them the strength of our sun and precious substances such as polyphenols, allies to prevent cellular aging. The Cornflower and Aloe then give the right note of freshness and panache.
    How to use: Apply the cream on the clean and dry face. Massage the product until completely absorbed. The application can also be performed morning and evening.

    Standard size: 50ml

  • Evo Olive Oil Classic – Can

    24,00 60,00 

    EVO Rinalducci oil is a high quality product, the cultivars are: Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino.
    The olives are harvested from the beginning to the end of the season and stored in stainless steel containers under controlled temperature nitrogen.