Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750 ml.



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Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750 ml.


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The Rinalducci Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an oil obtained from olives at the beginning of ripening, cold
extracted, low acidity, intense fragrance, slightly spicy fruity flavor.

Excellent for seasoning bruschette, legumes, pinzimonio, meat dishes.

A good olive oil comes from an excellent raw material, therefore from selected and fresh olives, this is of
primary importance.
Hence the processing which is followed very carefully in every step.
The olives are harvested and processed within 24-48 hours – defoliated – deramified – washed – then passed
in the two crushers, one with discs and one with knives, and without undergoing temperatures changes,
pass into the hermetically sealed kneaders to be worked for about 35 minutes at controlled temperature,
and without adding water, in fact we work with a two-phase cold extraction system.
In this way we have an excellent quality of olive oil, rich in polyphenols, in nutritional values and vitamins
necessary for a healthy diet.



– Olive production area: Umbria
– Cultivar: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino
– Olive harvest period: from October to November
– Olive harvest method: by hand and with mechanical facilators
– Processing time: within 24-48 hours from the harvest
– Olive cleaning: defoliation and separation of foreign bodies (earth, twigs, stones), washing
– Processing: 2-phase continuous cycle without adding water, cold extraction at controlled temperature
– Filtering: natural settling and filtering with cardboard discs
– Storage: at controlled temperature in stainless steel containers, under nitrogen head.
– Bottling: automatic, bottle cleaning with blowing machine
– Packaging: in dark glass bottle
– Deadline: 18-24 months
– Fragrance: intense of fresh olive, with herbaceous arome
– Taste: strong, tending to spicy, slightly bitter
– Colore: opaque green, the presence of deposit is completely natural

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