BIO Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml.



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BIO Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml.


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Extra Virgin Olive Oil from BIO agriculture.


We produce BIO Olive Oil which comes from certified Bio agriculture and follows the processing specifications
dictated by the relevant bodies.

Bio Olive Oil characteristics are the same of the traditional Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The benefit is the guarantee of a product that respects the environment.

The olives are all traced.




– Olive production area: Umbria

– Cultivar: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino

– Olive harvest period: from October to December

– Olive harvest method: by hand and with mechanical facilators

– Processing time: within 24-48 hours from the harvest

– Olive cleaning: defoliation and separation of foreign bodies (earth, twigs, stones), washing

– Processing: 2-phase continuous cycle without adding water, cold extraction at controlled temperature

– Filtering: natural settling and filtering with cardboard discs

– Storage: at controlled temperature in stainless steel containers, under nitrogen head

– Bottling: automatic, bottle cleaning with blowing machine

– Packaging: in dark glass bottle

– Deadline: 18-24 months

– Profumo: Fragrance: herbaceous, medium of fresh olive

– Taste: lively, tending to spicy, slightly bitter

– Color: opaque green, the presence of deposit is completely natural

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